Settler Social Identities is an interdisciplinary working group of scholars based at University College Dublin. We aim to establish an international network of researchers working in nineteenth-century settler studies, and to develop connections which will yield major research collaborations in the years to come.

The upcoming conference (July 2018) will be an important addition to the interdisciplinary field of nineteenth-century settler studies through its examination of the role that popular entertainments, associational life, and literary and visual culture have played in defining and disseminating these new forms of national and transnational belonging in the British settler colonies of Africa, Asia, North America, and Australasia.

Our focus on the popular and recreational allows us to recover understudied facets of colonial experience including the experiences of women, working-class settlers, and indigenous and minority groups. In considering webs of cultural association we also create space for approaches to the field which privilege intra-colonial and trans-peripheral networks of influence, complicating the traditional periphery/metropole binary.

In building our collaborative research network we would like to invite scholars working in this area to contribute to our blog. If you are interested in contributing, please email us at: settlersocialidentity@gmail.com